How memory mattresses are made and advantages:

Memory mattresses have revolutionized the rest sector. Anatomic, enveloping and extraordinarily comfortable, they are made with a thermoelastic foam remembers the deformation impressed. On this page, you will see memory mattresses on offer with some interesting tips to choose the product that best suits your needs.

How memory mattresses are made?

Memory Mattresses are made of a material, memory foam, developed by NASA in 1966 to improve the safety of its air-space vehicles. It is a mixture based on polyurethane, a “visco-elastic” material that is deformed by the weight and heat of the human body. They are called Memory Mattresses because they “remember”, that is, they memorize, the shape of the body, deforming itself accordingly. Once the weight is removed, the material quickly recovers its original shape.

The advantages of Memory Mattresses:

At night this polyurethane-based foam is deformed and adapts perfectly to the shape of the human body. The advantage is that, while sleeping on memory mattresses, the spine remains straight. Deforming more in areas of greater pressure, the memory mattress exerts a minor push on the human body, favoring a more correct posture and relaxation of the muscles.

To further improve sleep quality, it is also possible to find excellent memory cushions on the market, ideal for avoiding cervical problems and improving the general well-being of the spine. Unlike the old supports, the Memory Foam Double Mattresses considerably reduce vibrations and cushion movements, not disturbing those who sleep next to them.

Know about what is in a memory foam mattress?

How much do memory mattresses cost?

The price is certainly higher than the traditional supports, which have nothing to do with modern pocket spring mattresses. This is another technology that guarantees much better performance. The prices of individual Memory Mattresses range from 70 to 200 Dollars, also depending on the size of the product and the treatments that further improve its quality. The same observation also applies to double Memory Mattresses, whose prices range between 200 and 300 Dollars.

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