What a mattress to choose for the sofa bed?

The sofa bed is often mistreated for what concerns the mattress. If with regard to the bed where we normally sleep we pay well-deserved attention to the choice of the mattress when we talk about a sofa bed, we think, erroneously, that for the use made of it. It isn’t worth losing too much energy in terms of time and money for an optimal choice.

And this is a serious mistake and it is even more so if the sofa bed is always used because maybe you don’t have the room or you live in a studio apartment. The same goes for the mattress of the camping bed which, given that used only on holiday, may, according to a mistaken thought, be outside all the rules that apply to the mattress every day. Find a list of places to shop at Bestmattress-brand.org from where you can get the best deals.

What features should the sofa bed mattress have?

The choice of the mattress in some cases is restricted, in other cases, there is instead the possibility of choosing between several versions.

Generally, as a standard type, a spring mattress is available which can be used both on the electro-welded mesh and on bases made of wooden slats. The ideal height for daily use is 12-15 cm. An alternative is the undeformable polyurethane version with a differentiated density which adapts easily to the profile of the body.

In this case, the height is about 10 cm, a measure that allows good comfort during rest and does not hinder the closing of the bed or sofa bed. The high resilience type which offers a good degree of flexibility and elasticity is the most widespread. Polyurethane can be coupled with a layer of latex that is highly breathable but must be associated with a net that allows air circulation. You can also find models in Waterlily, a viscoelastic material, with high breathability, which is self-modeled by the thermal action of the body.

The folding mattress is made in such a way that it can be folded. It is not possible to use a normal mattress on a folding bed or on a sofa bed, but a specific mattress must be foldable.