Which mattress is ideal for abdominal sleepers?

Who sleeps mostly on the stomach, does not really do anything good for his spine. The neck muscles and the jaw are quickly overused during prone position with lateral rotation of the head to breathe. This is noticeable after getting up in the morning due to neck and neck pain. On a mattress, the spine must be able to relax as best as possible. Ideally, choose a mattress that is characterized by a particularly stable middle section. As a result, over-stretching of the back and neck cannot be prevented. They are still comfortable.

The optimal mattress for back sleepers

Mattresses that are soft and soft in the upper and middle part are ideal for back sleepers. Head and shoulders must be able to sink gently into the pad. That’s a real treat for your spine. Back and spine must receive good support. The entire body needs a stable sleeping pad.

Because every person has individual requirements for a comfortable mattress, we recommend choosing a mattress that is divided into different lying areas. In addition, if the mattress supports the buttocks area with certain stability and last but not least has a high degree of flexibility, the basic course for a healthy and restful sleep has already been set. Do not miss to visit our website and Check out Bestmattress-brand to learn more


Does the slatted frame play a role in mattress hardness?

For optimal comfort, not only the right mattress is crucial. Attention should also be on a high-quality slatted base. The right slatted frame must fully meet your physical needs as well as your personal requirements for ideal lying comfort. Depending on the condition, modern slatted frames spring back and are divided into different zones. The degree of hardness is often individually adjustable. Slatted frames have to support the properties of the selected mattress. Mattress and slatted frame complement each other and must enter into a symbiosis with each other. In this way, a complete effect and an ergonomic and extremely comfortable lying in sleep are possible.